Black Friday & Cyber Monday: A Context Dream For Direct Response Marketers

As with any form of paid media investment, be it online or offline, contextualisation often provides the key to success. It’s a simplified equation, but relevant communications stimulate trust and generate improved levels of attention, leading to messages resonating and action being taken. With that in mind, PPC ads must strive to reflect the contexts in which they are served in order to maximise CTR, a crucial element of account optimisation. Always remember the below:

Think of PPC as though it were a date. You need common ground. You need to relate. You need something to talk about, otherwise it’s just plain awkward. Black Friday & Cyber Monday provides you with that topic. In simple terms, include copy in your ads that talk about Black Friday & Cyber Monday when it’s relevant and BOOM, your connection has been made. All of a sudden your ad has relevance. Relevance is a good thing. Relevance is your friend. Let relevance be your leader. Relevance builds the bridge between ad and recipient, and that’s the key.

Want Proof? We ran a test for one of our retail clients on their brand campaign, running ads on mobile with generic copy in the first instance and then testing for an uplift in CTR when using the word ‘mobile’ in the copy on mobile preferred ads. ‘Shop Now On Your Mobile’, for example. The uplift was massive.

To reiterate, context is king. The word mobile was used and searchers appreciated that the ad was targeted to their mobile device. It formed a connection between the ad and the reality that they were searching on mobiles.

Re-enter Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Before even considering the monster levels of traffic, these days (nay, events) provide an opportunity to deliver context. But what are the best ways to provide context on and in the lead up to these events, and what else can be done to make the very most of traffic which can hit over 5 times average levels, and conversions over double their average. Here’s our top 5 tips:

  1. Structured Snippet Extensions
    For a limited time only, Google have made Black Friday and Cyber Monday structured snippet extensions available. You know what that means! Context. Very noticeable context that doesn’t compromise your ad copy character limits, and maximises the presence of your ad in the SERP. These beauties are basically CTR gold.
  2. Use Brand Campaigns
    Bidding on your brand is the cheapest and most effective way of getting word of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals out there at high volumes using PPC. Telling brand searchers that you have an amazing Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale will increase their propensity to buy, and could turn what would otherwise have been a casual browser into a buyer.
  3. Build Anticipation
    Converting Black Friday and Cyber Monday searchers on the day is one thing, but to do that and only that is to miss a trick. Use your brand campaign in the weeks beforehand to drum up an interest in the deals that are set to go live. Searchers are always eager to find stores with offers on the day. Undercut the competition by letting them know your site will be the place to go beforehand, and they’ll be back on the day.
  4. Don’t Forget the Real World
    You’ve seen the fights on the news for that last reduced TV. Remember that people sat in the comfort of their own home are only a small slice of the Black Friday pie. People love the madness that surrounds Black Friday, and chances are the majority of your potential audience is on the high street. This provides the opportunity to deliver mobile targeted ads with location extensions, driving people to store motivated by a fantastic price. 75% of people who find useful local information are more likely to visit stores according to a recent Google study.
  5. Don’t Be Afraid to go Generic
    This is a unique opportunity to make the most of a consumer searching with a greater purchase intent. They’re looking for deals, so all you need to do is supply them. Building out campaigns around Black Friday and Cyber Monday terms is a good idea, but there’s no opportunity quite like this to cash in on generic brand and category keywords, introducing new customers to your brand