REVEALED: The Most Effective Marketing Mix

“I don’t care if it doesn’t delivery any results.” This is something none of us have ever heard a client say and never expect to hear.

Why spend on marketing unless you set objectives in the form of hard business results?

Every brief and every piece of activity needs to deliver something positive, whether in terms of brand awareness, leads, footfall, trial, increased sales or any one of a myriad of other measurable outcomes.

So, setting clear, measurable and realistic objectives is essential.

But how do you then plan and execute campaigns with the greatest likelihood of delivering results?

It may come as a surprise to some, but it’s been proven that the most potent and effective campaigns are those that are integrated and that include Sales Promotion in the mix.


We regularly run product offer ads in the national and regional press for our client TJ Hughes. From sales of the featured product we know that these ads work in driving footfall and transactions.

When we re-introduced TJ Hughes to TV with their #TJsSavvy brand ads, we knew that adding a similar sales promotion element would covert awareness to action to maximise effectiveness – and the proof was in the pudding as it delivered an ROI of 6:1.



Back in 2012 the IPA published a hefty report titled From Integration to Orchestration. It analysed 256 campaign case studies entered in the IPA’s Advertising Effectiveness Awards from 2004-2010. The aim was to identify what mix of disciplines delivered the strongest measurable business effect.

“Advertising combined with direct marketing or sales promotion are the two combinations most likely to achieve a very large hard business effect. This finding is, perhaps, not particularly surprising, as these disciplines play a clear role in ‘closing a sale’; but it is useful to have a working hypothesis proven on this scale.”

For anyone working in Sales Promotion this confirmed what they’d been saying for years and it was satisfying – in a slightly ironic fashion – that it came from the body that represents advertising!

Oakbase is in the ideal position of providing clients with a fully integrated mix, including advertising, SP and Digital. We are obsessed with making campaigns work harder and with delivering results.