IAB UK Digital TechFronts With Yahoo – What We Learnt

The digital arm of Oakbase was in London recently to talk all things BrightRoll and cross device tracking, with a constant focus on how to remain creative in a data heavy world. Indeed, the advent of big data does not herald the death of creative – quite the contrary, in fact. Data shines light on and leverages new creative opportunities that, when utilised offer the opportunity to provide contextual messaging that resonates with the right people – a great recipe for maximising ROI. One example touched on varying levels of data insight being used in creative. In this airline example the creative became more specific with data – ‘Book Your Next Flight Today’ vs. ‘Book Your Family holiday from Heathrow’ – The latter achieving 24% uplift in awareness and 20% increase in purchase intent compared to the former – all because of data-driven creative execution.

Before getting bogged down in the data, it was fitting that the session started with James Duigan, owner of Bodyism, who spoke about the realism of how data can be used to drive real results. He eloquently touched on how data is used as a means of listening to end users and the importance of allowing customer data to impact the way things are done.

12121Perhaps more importantly, though, was the point of starting with the ‘why’ rather than the ‘what.’ In the case of Bodyism – ‘changing lives’ over ‘lunges and squats!’ Regardless of targeting, and no matter how stunning the creative – nothing resonates with people quite like relating to them and talking about something that they actually care about. Once this is nailed down, all creative should be marked against these guidelines. Without that foundation, brands stand only to achieve fad status and to miss out on the opportunity to generate scalable reach.

After James had fielded a host of questions, conversation reluctantly moved on from health and fitness and the data implications to Bodyism to cover Yahoo’s new DSP, BrightRoll. At Oakbase we’re familiar with a host of DSPs and understand their varying benefits, so it was intriguing to see how Yahoo’s effort would differ (if at all!) Perhaps one of the most valuable elements of the BrightRoll platform was its access to ultra personal app data, which makes their data incredibly accurate. Combined with the fact that they cover 89% of users across all of their devices using wifi-logins and other online behaviours, it’s clear Yahoo have built a cross-platform tool with scale, representing a fantastic multi touchpoint communications option. Through surveys it also became obvious that this is a transparent platform offering an understanding of the impact to brands on all levels from metrics including the impact on brand perception and awareness right through to offline and search lift.

It’s true that the multitude of options available to digital advertisers can seem overwhelming at times, but it’s important to remain calm and bear in mind this rush of information presents itself for a reason – more and more people are spending more and more time online, meaning the opportunity for direct response and brand advertisers has far-surpassed a ‘nice to have’ and is only becoming an increasingly large ‘must have’. Mobile is often lauded as the vehicle of digital growth today and in the future, and with people checking their smartphones on average over 60 times per day (a 59% YOY increase) it is not difficult to see why.

222222What’s more, many advertisers operate on something of a just-in-time strategy, whereby they appear at the bottom of the funnel at the time of purchase and expect consumers to convert. This can manifest itself as long-tail PPC campaigns and direct response display. Although this may seem like a cost-effective way of hitting customers at the right time, in many cases this actually limits the total amount of conversions. Many customers do their research and make decisions way before actually purchasing anything.

So, whist it’s important to appear as a reminder at the point of purchase, neglecting the research stage may render your direct response campaigns irrelevant (as decisions may already have been made!) The flip side to this is that great top-of-funnel communications can improve your direct response activity.

If you’d like Oakbase to review the best cross-device, multi-touchpoint paid media journey for your brand, get in touch at hello@oakbase.co.uk and we’d be happy to talk about it over a coffee.