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Want an award-winning Manchester PR and Social Media Agency with national clout that delivers bottom-line results? Look no further than our eight-strong team here at Oakbase.

Driven by the best talent in the region, including former national newspaper journalists, big-brand PR practitioners and social media experts, the PR and Social Plus team are expert content creators for today’s fragmented media.

Our targets as we call them, range from traditional media to online platforms, bloggers and influencers, using our insight to meet client objectives with bold strategies that work.

Put simply, we rinse a great idea to generate coverage, reach, engagement and endorsement, in everything from the Mail on Sunday to The Sun Online, Pretty 52 to UniLad, The Grocer to The Lady, influencers and leading bloggers.

Our work goes viral on social, grabs the news’ agenda and creates maximum noise, often in close alliance with other Oakbase divisions, working hand-in-glove with our Digital gurus to maximise SEO from digital PR and reach through paid social strategies that co-ordinated with PPC campaigns.

You may wonder why such a strong team in on your doorstep, well the media is here too in Manchester, the home of the BBC, ITV, The Lad Bible, Pretty 52, UniLad and where most nationals have a regional offices.

We do what you would expect a PR and Social Media agency would do, but so much better and with style.

Ping us an email, let’s start a conversation.

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