‘Tis A Far Far Better Thing Doing Stuff For Other People…..

Maybe it’s that tingling shiver up your spine as the frost descends from above and thickens the air, leaving a shimmering layer of magic for you to start your day with. And when cold attempts to infiltrate our being, we quickly learn to stave off the affects with hot chocolate, gloves, and thermal layers.

I believe it is this warmth that slowly changes our way of thinking over this season. We begin to think of others before ourselves as we ponder over the gifts they’d like, and we reunite with loved ones because we promised to “catch up before Christmas”.

Compassion, warmth and love are all connected to this festive period and it’s the perfect time for us to get together and be creative with these feelings.

Agencies all over world have been thinking of fun, innovative and engaging ways to raise money for charity and the results are quite outstanding.

Just last year, Iris Worldwide invited staff, suppliers, and clients to cycle and run from the Iris office all the way to Santa’s Grotto in Lapland in order to raise funds for Wish Upon a Star foundation. Their target was a total of 3273km and they reached it without even leaving the building!

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We also saw Secret Santa take an altruistic turn as We Are Social  led the way with their practical yet thoughtful idea. Teaming up with Age UK, the Secret Santa Sacrifice encouraged people to donate the money they would usually spend on useless novelty tat, to help Age UK provide companionship, advice and support to the elderly over the Christmas period.

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Across the Atlantic, advertising and marketing consultants Wunderman NY, created a ‘socially controlled freezer’ where the temperature fluctuated depending on which hashtag you tweeted. Inside a freezer was a snowman stuffed with $4,500 cash, and your options were either #Meltforthemoney or #Freezeforgood. If more people tweeted #Freezeforgood, the money would be donated to the Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue and in turn, #Meltforthemoney would see the greedy tweeters win the money instead. Thankfully there were more charitable, animal loving tweeters online that day and the money was donated to Brooklyn Animal Rescue.

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This year, Oakbase will be harnessing the power of voice activation technology and combining it with our overwhelming desire to do something amazing for those less fortunate.

It’s hard to believe that, even though you could probably grant all your children’s wishes this Christmas, there are parents out there unable to go that step further for their children.

That’s where the Make a Wish foundation comes in. Make a Wish is a non-for-profit organisation dedicated to granting personalised wishes for terminally ill children. Whether it’s a trip to Disneyland or walking with Dinosaurs, the team at Make a Wish are focused on turning dreams into reality. When fighting a life-threatening illness, a wish can be a very powerful thing; providing children hope for the future and strength to carry on.

To help turn these children’s’ dreams into reality, Oakbase will be donating £1 to Make a Wish, for every Christmas wish we receive from you.

If you would like to help us to help Make A Wish, simply visit us at www.oakbase.co.uk/christmas and wish us a Merry Christmas!

For the first 1,000 messages we receive we’ll make a £1 donation which will help bring a little joy and hope to children whose lives should be less about hospitals and serious illnesses and more about the wonders that this world has to offer.