We’re Bigger, We’re Brighter

We’ve been very busy here at Oakbase HQ! Talk about cobbler’s children…

Nevertheless, we’ve racked our brains, done the research, designed, re-designed and racked our brains once more. The result is the shiny new website on which this post is hosted. We’re in new offices, we’ve a growing team of creative and strategic personalities, and have a client list that continues to grow exponentially.

Suffice to say, we’re incredibly excited about what represents a new era for Oakbase. Additions to Creative, Sales Promotion and Digital resulted in the need to move house. Though we’re all settled now, we felt the time was right to develop a new website; one that did the office and our work justice.

Our innovative website is voice activated, meaning that you can switch from page to page vocally when you start commands with ‘show me’.

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