Project Description


Delivering Duerr’s a staggering 34% increase in market share*



The Duerr’s brand had become schizophrenic, diluted and had lost its voice. It had lost touch with the everyday consumer and a decline in market share followed.

Our goal was to re-engage consumers and increase market share. We initiated a rigorous brand consultancy and consumer testing process and the findings were telling. After identifying quality, tradition, and family as key themes, we got to work on creating a new brand identity and put the packaging into production.

Duerrs Peanut Butter

We brought tradition into the 21st century, communicating a message of quality that saw market share increase 34% in the jam category alone!

The branding created enabled product line extensions and peanut butter is now following suit in flying off supermarket shelves nationwide.

We also helped them to capitalise on a brand stretch opportunity

Once Duerrs launched their new range of peanut butter, their sales grew as they picked up the vast majority of the UK’s own label manufacturing too – they now make over 80% of all peanut butter sold in the UK.

We then worked with them to see if there were any brand stretch opportunities, and we identified that a subtle change to the ingredients would allow Duerrs to manufacture a bespoke, high protein peanut butter that would be massively desirable to the gym bunnies of this world. Within weeks of developing the product, Duerrs managed to secure listings with all the key grocers.

“We wanted our packaging to reflect our strong sense of family history, traditions & values, plus the fact that we’re also innovators when it comes to quality and product. Oakbase achieved this perfectly.”

Richard Duerr