Project Description

Case Study: Lockhart

We have a huge amount of experience in many b2b verticals and we have a track record in successfully addressing their challenges.

So, what do you do when you’re losing market share to aggressive competition?

This case study is about how we helped Lockhart turn the tide – and giving their customers something they didn’t know they desperately needed…

So, what did we do?

 – Research and Brand Proposition Development  –

For far too many years Lockhart had simply ‘repeated what they had done the year before’ – something many brands can still be found guilty of today. Oakbase recommended an overhaul of the brand’s proposition and uncovered a hidden gem: many of the brands that Lockhart stocked employ trend-spotters around the globe. Lockhart could harness that insight and turn it into a valuable tool that would give their existing and prospective customers the ability to see what the catering experience of the future was likely to look like and to steal a march on their competitors by embracing the trends before anyone else did.


We created a new sub-brand called Trendset – enlisted the support of world-famous chefs and mixologists to create a home of insight and inspiration for today’s restaurateur.

 – Print –

We also brought the sub-brand to life in print and a quarterly inspiration guide was born. It has been so successful that it has been adopted by Lockhart Australia too!

 – Digital –

The website is a repository of all the trends that were uncovered.

Packed with lots of ideas and suggestions as to how these trends could be exploited from a place-setting theatre perspective as well as insights into turning better profits.

+ Return On Advertising Spend
Increase in YOY organic traffic
Year on Year Revenue Growth

 – Social –

Through a series of paid and organic social media, we built a keen audience who follow, and embrace, all of the great ideas that come from the rich trend insight that is provided by Lockhart.


 – PR –

We managed lots of launch events and created incredibly engaging environments that also contributed significantly to the increase in turnover.

And the outcome?
An increase in turnover from £40 million to £96 million in just 36 months!

That first step’s the biggest!

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