Project Description


This was a classic case of appealing to the head and the heart.

Pullman came to Oakbase with ambitious growth plans and a significant, targeted opportunity pipeline. However, because changing supplier is regarded a risky process, convincing transport and fleet management directors to do so wasn’t going to be an easy challenge to overcome!

But…Pullman really are the best team in business, and it was important to bring this to life and translate it into something that communicates Pullman’s value proposition to the people that mattered most – the decision makers.


So, the integrated ‘best team in the business’ campaign included engaging direct mail and emails to drive responses, plus an informative microsite to convert respondents into meetings. It was a simple analogy, developed and delivered theatrically. It achieved the necessary cut-through and engagement and consequently delivered consideration. That was the heart bit!

The head bit was the business case detailed within the body of the communications that then generated calls for further information.

The responses did come in and a large number of them have ultimately moved their fleet management business to Pullman.