Project Description

TJ Hughes

TJ Hughes


If you’re a retailer you’re likely to find the following challenges familiar:

Broadening reach to a younger market
Embracing and capitalising on new channels
Developing an engaging brand proposition
Increasing footfall to store and web traffic
Increasing average basket spend

In a word then…growth!

TJ Hughes

An example of how we achieved it:

Customers need to be inspired to spend more of their hard earned cash more often at TJ’s. So, the message required to achieve these objectives needed to ring true.

The £3Million Giveaway call to action did exactly that. A simple piece of sales promotion was delivered through a number of integrated channels. It combined vouchers and rewards…

…resulting in an 80% uplift in average basket values each week across the 5 weeks the campaign ran compared to the 4 weeks prior.

The demographics of the shoppers were younger and repeat visits have remained higher YOY since the campaign.

These results would not have been achievable without the alignment of communications driving the message home across DM, POS, radio, press, a microsite, and social media. And, due to its performance we now run a programme of similar initiatives on a much more frequent basis.