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Project Description


Market research identified that one of the big growth opportunities for Wincanton lay at the door of small-medium retailers with real growth potential.

It was also recognised that Wincanton had the ability to maximise the growth of their client list, because Wincanton are so well positioned to come to the rescue of small retailers tormented by the stress of the peak that is the festive season. Tapping into this would be key to the campaign’s success.


Our recommendations represented a new approach for this new market for Wincanton, and the challenge would be to raise awareness of Wincanton among small-medium retailers reaching the end of their current contracts.

The creative DM campaign was entertaining and engaging, and both the timing and targeting were perfect.

The DM was sent as Christmas cards to retailers reaching the end of their contracts. The ‘How Was Your Peak?’ message resonated with retailers who were able to instantly make the connection between their festive stress and the solution that Wincanton could provide to eliminate the same levels of stress from next year’s festive period. It was crucial that the value of reduced stress was communicated. The idea of moving from one supplier and in to another long-term contract can be a daunting prospect, making adding value to the service absolutely crucial in convincing retailers to take action.